Welcome to the Blue Knights Jersey I, the first Channel Island chapter of the International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

We welcome all serving or retired Law Enforcement officers with a power of arrest, employed by a Government agency who hold a motorcycle licence and own a bike.

Blue Knights Have over 20,000 members worldwide. We are always seeking like minded individuals who share our passion for socialising, travel and of course life on that open road riding our beloved Motorcycles.

Blue Knights Jersey I are part of the UK&I conference www.blueknightsukic.org and Blue Knights International www.blueknights.org.

We obtained our charter as Blue Knights ‘Jersey I’ in December 2015. It all started for us when Andy Bisson (our President) became aware of the Knights and through liaison with our brothers in Guernsey, joined England XII as a small group of 5 in December 2014. After a recruitment drive our numbers grew to 20 in quick time and we were well received, cared for and guided by England XII.

In December 2015, 18 members formed the now Jersey I and we wish to thank England XII for their support and help in the transfer and to us they will always be our roots.

Jersey I is open to any Jersey resident who fits the Blue Knight criteria.