Club Committee Meeting 21/02/2017


These are the minutes for the monthly Committee meeting of the Blue Knights Jersey 1 held at The Old Court House, Le Boulevard, St Aubin on Tuesday the 21st of February 2017

 The meeting was bought to order at 1900hrs by the Club Secretary:


Attending: Apologies:
Andy Bisson Manny Gomes
John Fosse  
Paul Moisan  
Lee Scotland  
Neil Hutton  
John McGaw  
Previous Minutes Read:
 The minutes of the previous meeting were read and put forward by the Club Secretary as a true and accurate record of that meeting:

 Proposed: Andy Bisson                 Seconded: Neil Hutton

Heaven 1:
 Nil to Report 
President’s Report:
 AB wanted to explore whether the committee felt it was viable to hold another Club Rally in 2018 following several enquiries he had received from other Chapters. After detailed discussions which included taking into account other possible rallies and events it was felt that another Rally should be held and so long as there were approximately 70 attendees then it would be classed as a success and the biennial scheduling would be adopted.

The following was agreed:

1)      The format and venue remain unchanged, to be held over one of the last 3 weekends in September.

2)      Those who book before the first of October 2017 will get a discount rate of £45 as opposed to £55pp for the weekend.

3)      Ferry and room discounts will be investigated by AB.

4)      AB stated that any quote for menus received from the venue in 2017 will be honoured in 2018.

Secretary’s Report:
 JM mentioned that the format of meetings will change slightly in that bimonthly, starting next month, the meetings will be open to all club members thus giving everyone an opportunity to see how the club is administered and run. It will also afford members the opportunity to bring forward anything they may feel is worthy of mention. PM felt this was a good idea and would encourage more members to take part.
Treasurer’s Report:
 NH stated currently with all monies that had been collected the club accounts stood at £2500.18. There were monies to be paid for membership and bonus ball but overall the fund was healthy. 
Quarter Master Up Date:
 Nil, see apologies.
Charity Update from Vice President:
 The Gambling Commission payment must be made as soon as possible.

There are still some outstanding payments for holder of bonus ball numbers these will be chased asap.

Please could committee members chase up new members from within their own service with a view to them taking on a bonus ball number. 

Ride Captain Up Date:
 PM stated that at a Function held recently Mr Richard Woodhouse from Holidays for Heros had mentioned the Blue Knights in a very complimentary manner. PM intended to speak to Ian Ford to confirm this but this positive reaction and publicity towards the club was appreciated and duly noted. 
 1)      Following a discussion with regards to the funding of travel of Club members on Club business it was decided to amend the Club constitution to the effect that should a member wish to benefit from such sponsorship then they must be a holder of a bonus ball number and be paid up to date. This is not to be applied retrospectively. AB to action.

2)      A meeting is to be arranged for the executive to be schooled by MG as to how to up load information to the club website and set preferences on their club email accounts.

3)      Sunday the 9th of April the club is hosting Blue Knight Carl Mann and his wife for a meal. Carl won the auction at our 2016 Rally for a weekend trip to the Island. The club will fund Carl and his wife’s meals as per the auction prize. JM to action.

4)      RTTW 2017 trip to be arranged. JM to action.

5)      AB proposed a Club Charity ride for Christmas 2017 to take place in early Dec ’17. Also look forward to the possibility of an Easter Charity Ride in 2018. If these events are deemed a success then these maybe taken on as pre-planned annual events.

Next Meeting:
 The next meeting will take place at 1900hrs, on Wednesday the 22nd of March in the Boat Bar, The Old Court House, Le Boulevard, St Aubin. 
Meeting Closure:
The meeting was formally bought to a close by the Club Secretary at 2032hrs.